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Acorn 6.2.2 | Mac OS X | 14 MB. Graphical editor for humans. Although Acorn Acorn mean in English, the authors consider it an image editor for humans, and that this nice tool lets use both by experts and newcomers to the world of digital image editing.With Acorn You can open images in standard formats, including Photoshop PSD format, and edit photos or draw well.Acorn has a brush editor, adding new textures and forms that already incorporates Acorn and allow you to perform all kinds of strokes, with the mouse or a digitizer tablet. And for photo editing, Acorn provides filters to apply to the entire image or a particular layer.Acorn has everything you need in an image editor.Powerful image editingUse curves, levels and non – destructive filters. The power of GPU Metal 2. Add layer masks and selections to retouch your images or create something completely new. Eliminates funds, combine image, performs color corrections, resize, transform, crop and more.Text on a pathAcorn 6 includes a new text tool path, so you can wrap and deform the text anywhere you want. Just create a shape or path, and add your text! And since the text of Acorn is always aware of Unicode, Emoji can even have a route.Nondestructive filtersCombine filters to create infinite combinations of unique effects knowing that you can always change your mind later. Customize your own presets and use the controls on canvas to place your filters exactly where you need them .Circle Text ToolPlace your text quickly and easily in a circle to create logos and other designs of useful text. Modify your text with controls on canvas for the circle radius, rotation and investment. Use the sliders reference and kerning to adjust your text.photographic effectsTilt – shift, vignette, drop shadow, gradients, sharpness, color correction, distortions, blurs and more than a hundred more. With the filter panel Acorn, add effects to your images has never been easier. The effects can be seen in real time, so you can get the correct settings.Vector toolsThe stars, arrows, Bezier curves, Boolean operations and text tools, including circular text path text, are just some of the features of vectors that await you. Modify the alignment line, the style of joint line and the combination of shapes from the palette inspector.New to Acorn 6:Export Quality WebZoom, pan , and use shortcuts to change the scale of your image. Keep or delete the image metadata and find pixels that are out of reach sRGB. Get a preview of your changes before exporting and compare with the original. Observe the file size settings in real time!Clone images, layers andupdates the tool cloning Acorn include the ability to clone in different images, layers and even layers clone from groups or forms. Easily modify the smoothness and flow of the brush in the palette inspector. Hold down the Shift key whenever you click and treat Acorn cloning tool as a stamp tool.Smart Export layersSmart Layer Export is similar to slicing. Check out the new configurable palette to set levels Smart Layer Export of a layer. Adjust the mobile frame representing the export limits your image, name your file and you can even choose your layer is automatically exported as @ 1x, 2x @, @ 3X @ 5x. sizes.